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VPN Shield Desktophelp and info

  • What is VPN Shield Desktop?

    This desktop-based virtual private network is a package which allows the user to access the Internet from a masked IP address. Personal data and other important information will therefore remain secure. One of the specific benefits associated with this program is that the majority of its processes are automatic.

  • What is a VPN service?

    A virtual private network provides users with a means to anonymously browse the Internet. This is accomplished by essentially "shuffling" a connection between multiple different servers located in locations around the world.

  • What benefits does a virtual private network offer?

    The most obvious advantage of a VPN is that personal data will not be collected. Other potential threats such as adware and malware can be avoided. These servers are often used to download media files that may have otherwise been subject to regional restrictions. Virtual private networks are also beneficial due to the fact that they offer much more secure connections when compared to public wireless networks.

  • Can I download VPN Shield Desktop for free?

    Unlike some other VPN services currently available, you will not be charged to download or install VPN Shield Desktop. However, you are still provided with a reliable means to access websites that would have otherwise remained blocked in your country.

  • Is VPN Shield Desktop a safe application to install?

    Much like the other software bundles offered by Softonic, VPN Shield has been analyzed this application to make sure that no extraneous threats or viruses are present. This is also why it is important to only download this package from trusted providers.

  • How much memory will VPN Shield Desktop need?

    You will require only 1.65 megabytes of existing hard drive space. This is very beneficial, for the program should not impact processing power or download speeds. The download will normally require only a few seconds to complete.

  • What operating systems is VPN Shield Desktop compatible with?

    This VPN program is compatible with various devices and operating systems. These include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and most Mac frameworks. It can also be installed on an iPad, an iPhone and Android-equipped units.

  • Is there a version of VPN Shield Desktop available for Mac systems?

    You will be pleased to learn that there is a variant of this VPN server available for Mac systems. Simply choose the correct version during the initial download and it will install automatically.

  • Will my details remain safe with VPN Shield Desktop?

    One of the main points of any VPN server is to ensure that your personal data as well as your individual IP address remains hidden from prying eyes at all times. The only time when this may not be the case is if you happen to perform illegal online activities.

  • How many devices will be supported by VPN Shield Desktop?

    You will be able to enjoy a seamless integration with up to five additional devices (including standard desktop computers). Therefore, all personal details and IP addresses remain secure even when accessing different systems.